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Ask the Experts: Board Games to Play at Home from The Ludoquist

21st April 2020
  • the Ludoquist
In the heart of Croydon, we’re lucky enough to have the world's best board games cafe!

Founded by husband and wife team, Nick and Carrie Smith, in November 2017, The Ludoquist has become a much-loved local hotspot for its games, its humongous selection of board games, its clever and tempting menu of food and drink (catering to all tastes, with one-handed bowls to allow games to go on) and its unbeatable atmosphere. The Ludoquist also won the accolade of being the world's best board games shop IN THE WORLD in early march this year at the GAMA awards. 

However, right now, like all our cafes, bars and restaurants, its doors are closed. So in week 5 of lockdown, we decided to ask the owners/founders and games gurus, Nick and Carrie Smith, of the world's best games shop, The Ludoquist, a few questions:

Instead of getting bored, staring at a screen all day, we want to play board games!

  • What are your personal current favourite games to play at home, and why?

Nick - I’ve been enjoying  Marvel Champions. You get to be a superhero,  it’s pretty easy to get into, and can be played by anywhere between 1 and 4 people at the same time.

What games would you recommend to:

  • A family with children between 5 and 10?

Nick - Dobble Kids – like a hyper game of snap with a lot of screaming! 

  • A family with young teenage children?

Nick - Yogi is a game that is a bit like Twister but sitting down. It’s hysterical as people contort themselves into ever more silly shapes to go on playing. Adults will love it too!

  • A family with older children?

Nick - Amy has written an article about the best games to play as a family at https://www.theludoquist.com/blogs/news/family-games-recommendations (Link also below)

  • A couple?

We have an article for that too!

Nick - https://www.theludoquist.com/blogs/news/two-player-game-recommendations (Link also below)

  • Flatmates/housemates?

Pandemic is a great game because you’re working together to defeat the diseases! For some reason, it’s very popular right now!

  • To play over House Party/Zoom?

Just One – all but the guesser have to write down a word as a clue. Then the non-guessers compare – any words that are duplicated are rubbed out, so you can’t be too obvious with your clues! This works REALLY well over Zoom.

Also, Dungeons and Dragons is a great role play game that might be a good time to get into; it also gained new interest after the popular series ‘Stranger Things’. Is this one to recommend?

Nick - Yes, Dungeons and Dragons is great fun but does require a bit of work by the DungeonMaster. We recommend the Essentials set to get people going on it; it can be played with just two people.

What are your customers missing most about The Ludoquist at the moment?

Carrie - Our customers love the atmosphere of the Ludoquist and although they can still get their games delivered to their home, the sound of people enjoying themselves surrounding you as you play is missed. They also miss our great pizzas and of course our wonderful staff who we think of as family.  We can’t wait to see our regulars walk through the doors again.

  • The Ludoquist to a great place to go on a date – why?

Carrie - When you go on a first date, it’s often awkward to know how to start a conversation.  With a board game in front of you, it’s easier to sneak in questions between dice rolls and you always have the game to talk about if you can’t think of anything else to say. We get lots of couples who come every week for date night because they want to connect with each other and not just sit next to each other in the cinema or across from each other in a pub or restaurant.

  • Do you think there will be an increased interest in going out locally and/or dating in Croydon after this lockdown ends?

Carrie - I hope that people will realise the value of their local businesses and shop, eat and socialise locally.  We have some amazing places in Croydon and we all need to support them as much as possible after lockdown.

Thanks to Nick at the Ludoquist for taking the time to answer our questions.

We can’t wait until Croydon town centre reopens again and we can all enjoy time together, date nights and fun with our friends. An evening at Ludoquist! with pizzas and a game of Pandemic is definitely in our post-lockdown plan!

All the recommended games are available at the Ludoquist shop: https://www.theludoquist.com/collections/all-products


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