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Helping you to get to your destination safely this Christmas

14th December 2017
Public transport users will once again benefit from extra dedicated security patrols on the tram network in Croydon this Christmas

Extra police resource is bring drafted in to provide practical assistance, advice and reassurance to the travelling public at key times over the festive season as a result of a joint initiative between the Croydon Businesses Crime Reduction Partnership (CBCP), Transport for London (TfL) and British Transport Police which is now in its third year. 

The aim is to ensure that those heading out and about in the evening are able to travel safely and confidently and the extra patrols are in addition to the 3,000-strong group of officers across the network dedicated to policing on TfL services, keeping customers safe year round.

Additional police patrols will be in place on the tram and bus networks in the run up to Christmas to provide a reassuring presence and encourage travellers to plan ahead and behave responsibly in order to ensure they have a safe night out.

Ten top tips include:

  • Plan your journey before leaving home
  • Let someone know you’re making the journey and when you expect to be home
  • Try to keep your phone charged, should you need to contact anyone
  • If you’re travelling late at night, travel in groups where possible
  • If you’re travelling to an unfamiliar area, try to understand more about the area before you visit
  • If you’re travelling by bus, train or tram, sit near to other passengers or where the driver can see you
  • Avoid walking alone in places like parks or side streets after dark and try to keep to busier, more well-lit places instead
  • Keep personal belongings such as mobile phones zipped up in a bag or pocket, out of sight
  • If you’re using a taxi or a minicab, remember only black taxis can be hailed, and minicabs must be pre-booked with a licensed company
  • Never get into an un-booked car as there will be no record of your journey or your driver

“The safety and security of all those living and working in and visiting Croydon town centre is our number one priority and with the festive party season upon us, we are keen to ensure that everyone is able to get the most out of their time in the town centre and travel with confidence and in safety,” said Nick Baker, chairman of the CBPC which is wholly funded by the Croydon Business Improvement District.  

“The extra police patrols we are able to provide through our continued match-funding arrangement with the British Transport Police is one way in which we can achieve that aim with the help and co-operation of the travelling public. Quite simply, we want everyone to enjoy the Christmas festivities – not to regret them.”   

Steve Burton, TfL’s Director of Enforcement and On-Street Operation, said: “Our top priority is the safety and security of passengers who make around 15 million journeys on our services each day. We work side-by-side with the police, who provide a reassuring presence while also acting promptly when incidents occur, ensuring our network remains a safe, low crime environment with very few people ever experiencing or witnessing crime.”

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