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Minecraft: London mayor wants Croydon redesigned in game

30th January 2023
The Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, has joined forces with Minecraft for an exciting challenge aimed at young Londoners.

The London Mayor Sadiq Khan has asked Minecraft players to redesign the town of Croydon.

The in-game challenge takes place in a new London Minecraft World, where the mayor makes a special appearance as a non-playable character (NPC).

Gamers, who are invited to take part in schools in London, will produce a two minute video of their Minecraft creations, with the aim of making Croydon more environmentally friendly.

"I can't wait to see the brilliant ideas that come out of this challenge and wish all young Londoners taking part the very best of luck with their entries," the London Mayor Sadiq Khan said.

The task of rebuilding Croydon virtually is part of the mayor's 2023 Design Future London Schools Challenge, teaming up with Minecraft Education and C40 cities, a group of mayors from all over the world is looking at ways to tackle climate change.

"Students from around the world have amazed us with their creativity in designing sustainable solutions for their communities," said Allison Matthews, from Minecraft Education, adding that she hopes it will inspire children to think about future "green careers" and "show city leaders what kind of city they want to grow up in".

Every school child from the age of five in London can take part in the challenge, with free licenses for Minecraft Education available to all schools, colleges and universities in the capital city.

Those taking part will be able to explore a Minecraft world of Croydon Town Centre, and make their changes "block by block in Minecraft".

The closing date for all entries is Tuesday 25 April 2023. To register your interest, you can submit via this form, and find full details of the challenge here.

Orignaly article was posted on bbc.co.uk. View the full article here.

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