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Venue Review: Them Below, Pop Up Horror Maze, Croydon

28th October 2019
  • Horror Maze
To the left of the brightly lit Five Guys food joint on Croydon High Street is a door that leads to a terrifying network of tunnels...

I have to admit it; I am a wimp when it comes to anything spooky or scary. If I watch a horror film, I’m bound to get recurrent nightmares.  I wasn’t even allowed to watch Doctor Who as a kid. So, when invited to try out the new Horror Maze that’s been set up in the tunnels below Five Guys, in the centre of Croydon, I was little reluctant to say the least. How scary would it be?

Fortunately, from the outset, you’re put as part of a small group. You’re all in it together. As you shuffle into the horror maze, the actors ensure your heart is racing and you’re getting ready to be spooked.

The story is this:

The notorious Draven family were forced to take shelter underground, after being made homeless during the Zeppelin air runs of WW1. The Draven family would feed on innocent passers-by within the “Wandle Park” area. Eventually the parents were arrested and sentenced to death. The children however have never been found, but a recent eye-witness spotted a human-like creature dragging something underground!

The maze is narrow and the rooms have been sparsely decked out so they look spooky. However, what really makes this Horror Maze a totally terrifying experience are the cannibals (actors) who came up so close to us, you could feel their breath in your face. One even grabbed at my ankle as I tried to scramble down the corridor after the rest of the group, who were already running.

Would I recommend the Horror Maze to anyone else? Well, if you think you can handle being properly terrified and want a big adrenalin rush; Hell yeah!


Address: 7 High Street, Croydon CR0 1QB

Tickets only £10 pp

Age 12+ (but under 16s must have parent/guardian)

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